Prof. Toni Vekov to BNR: Increasing funds for healthcare is inevitable

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The average level of health contribution in the EU is 15%, in Bulgaria it is 8%

“The public funds for healthcare in Bulgaria, which are mainly formed by an 8% health contribution, are insufficient. This is evidenced by the high co-payments of patients for implants, medicines, medical activities that are not included in the health insurance package. According to Eurostat, the levels of co-payments in Bulgaria are the highest of any country in the European Union, so it is inevitable that the funds for healthcare in Bulgaria will increase.”

This is what prof. Tony Vekov, manager of a chain of private hospitals specializing in high-tech medicine.

He added that the average level of healthcare contribution in the EU is around 15%.

“If there is competition in the financing mechanism, it will contribute more to patients, because then health insurance companies will be motivated to monitor the quality of health products that their insured receive. Because if insured persons are not satisfied with their insurers, they can change them. It is another matter that this competition cannot be absolutely free; it must be regulated, at least so that these funds can have financial stability. To be financially stable, there should be no more than three or four in Bulgaria.”

You can find the full interview here in Bulgarian.

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