About the clinic:
The cardiology clinic is specialized in treating acute or chronic cardiovascular disorders in an urgent or planned manner. It is the Bulgarian national leader in diagnostics and treatment of the post-COVID syndrome, as well as in the field of cardio-oncology. We practice all non-invasive diagnostic methods used in cardiology to assess the heart’s functionality and structure. Our clinic also excels in implanting TAVI valves, valve-in-valve replacement, TEVAR procedures, combined with chimney grafting on carotid arteries and truncus, also combined with EVAR endoprosthetics.

The clinic uses the most contemporary and high-technology medical equipment – highest grade echocardiography machines with contemporary software, allowing for the most detailed examination of cardiac structure and function, thanks to innovating technologies such as 3D / 4D echocardiography, speckle tracking myocardial strain analysis of the deformation of the myocardium of all cardiac cavities, etc., as well as portable point-of-care ultrasound machines. Patients can benefit from a hybrid room for one-stage combined interventional surgical treatment, as well as highest grade angiography equipment and the possibility for FFR and IVUS examinations.

The cardiology clinic is also remarkable for its specialist roster: we have some of the best and most experienced cardiologists (clinical and invasive cardiologists, as well as echocardiographists) in Bulgaria, and thanks to their dedication, we obtain exceptional results.

The cardiology clinic encompasses the activity of two departments – the Department of cardiology and the Department of invasive cardiology.


Cardiology department

About the department:
The Department of cardiology stands out among all its counterparts in Bulgaria in that it works with a focus on and has significant experience in diagnosing and treating complications from COVID-19, the so-called “post-COVID-19 syndrome”. The department is also unique with its work in the field of cardio-oncology – an interdisciplinary problem of great significance. These activities are pursued in parallel with all the other innovative and high-technology activities in clinical and invasive cardiology and cardiac imaging. The department takes in for examination and treatment patients from all over Bulgaria, regardless of the severity of their condition and eventual complications.

Routine and high-technology procedures performed at the department include diagnostics and treating of the “post-COVID-19 syndrome”, ischemic cardiac disease, analysis of myocardial deformations, cardiac failure, heart valve diseases, aortic disorders, arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy, myocarditis, pulmonary thromboembolism, pericardial diseases, congenital cardiac malformations in senior patients.

The department of cardiology is fully equipped to perform 2D / 3D / 4D transesophageal echocardiography, 2D / 3D / 4D transthoracic echocardiography, stress echocardiography with physical exercise or with dobutamine, telemonitoring, alcohol septal ablation, septal reduction therapy, etc.


Invasive cardiology department

About the department:
The Department of invasive cardiology performs a vast array of procedures and has considerable experience working in cooperation with the vascular surgery and the cardiac surgery clinics.

Highly specialized procedures for diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases include coronary arteriography, FFR, IVUS, left and right cardiac catheterization, angiography of cerebral and peripheral arteries, treatment of acute and chronic disorders of coronary arteries, pulmonary thromboembolism, narrowing of the carotid artery, treatment of the peripheral vascular disease, treatment of flow disturbance and implantation of a permanent electro-cardiostimulator, diagnostics ant treatment of cardiomyopathy and myocarditis, septal reduction therapy in cases of hypertrophic  obstructive cardiomyopathy, treatment of aortic valve stenosis through percutaneous implantation of aortic valve prosthesis (TAVI), endoprosthesis in cases of aortic diseases (TEVAR, EVAR).