Orthopedics and traumatology

About the department:
The orthopedics and traumatology department conducts surgical and non-surgical treatment with minimal patient trauma and fast post-operative recovery, in accordance with established good medical practice. We diagnose and treat all disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

The department performs contemporary, minimally invasive surgical interventions, including endoprosthetics of hip, knee, shoulder and ankle joints with complex implant systems and innovative conceptual approaches, revision endoprosthesis, surgical interventions for the conservation of native joints, osteostomy, reconstruction in cases of acetabulofemoral impingement, interventions on bone fibrosis disorders and neuro-orthopedic interventions.

Very high-level arthroscopic and arthroscopy-assisted surgery is practiced at the clinic and routinely performed in the treatment of posttraumatic shoulder instability, rotator cuff disorders and all knee joint disorders, including autologous chondroplasty and matrix associated chondrocyte transplantation, minimally invasive surgery in cases of tibial plateau fracture, treatment of patellofemoral instability, carpal tunnel syndrome, treatment of ankle joint disorders and reconstruction of pathologically damaged intra-articular structures.

Specialists in the department have solid experience in the field of pediatric orthopedics – treatment of congenital hip dislocation, adolescent femur head epiphysiolysis, corrections of juvenile posttraumatic tubular long bone angular rotational deformations, treatment of talipes equinovarus sole, corrections in cases of infantile cerebral paresis.

Spinal surgery interventions in the clinic use innovative approaches for the treatment of congenital and developed spinal deformities and reconstruction after traumatic damage to the spinal column.

In the field of traumatology, we apply conceptually justified innovative implant systems such as intramedullary and periarticular systems, bone allo- and auto-transplantation, as well as biologically active conduction.