‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven introduced optimal treatment of heart failure patients by cardiac pacing

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Optimal treatment, which gives heart failure patients a chance for a longer life, is now part of the business card of the high-tech ‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven. For the past two months, the Cardiology Clinic has been implanting resynchronizing pacemakers (CRT-P), cardioverter-defibrillators (ICD) and a combination of the two CRT-D devices.

“Until the end of 2022, the optimal treatment of heart failure patients and the non-medication prevention of sudden cardiac death were not possible in Pleven,” says Dr. Nikolay Petrov from the Cardiology Clinic at ‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven. After successfully passing the European Heart Arrhythmia Association (EHRA) examination and the expert level examinations in cardiac pacing at the Medical University of Sofia and the Medical Faculty of Sofia University, Dr. Petrov is now a fully certified expert in cardiac pacing.

The full article is available here in Bulgarian.

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