Medical oncology

About the clinic:
Contemporary pharmacotherapy of all types of malignant solid tumors is performed in a modern and high-technology environment, in accordance with current national and international standards. In order to achieve optimal therapeutic results, all work is done in narrow collaboration with the radiotherapy department team. The clinic has a contemporary section for clinically researching innovative pharmacotherapies, all done in compliance with national and European legislations and respecting all ethical and medical standards in order to ensure the patients’ safety and to provide the best possible healthcare.

In cooperation with the other clinics and departments in the hospital, in particular with the genetics laboratory, the Medical oncology clinic offers its patients an uncompromising complex multidisciplinary approach to diagnostics, treatment and follow-up of oncological diseases. Together with the cardiology clinic, we’re also developing a new direction of work – cardio-oncology. Our clinic has an outpatient section for conducting treatment of malignant solid tumors and performs numerous ambulatory procedures.

The clinic’s team initiates and takes part in the development of scientific projects in collaboration with academic institutions in Bulgaria and abroad. Our team of confirmed professionals – medics and nurses – has a vast experience in its field and is complemented by a psychologist and a physiotherapist, available to all patients.

Renowned Bulgarian oncologist Dr. Danail Damyanov – leading specialist in the treatment of pulmonary oncological diseases – is a scientific and clinical consultant to our clinic.

The clinic practices all innovative approaches for treating oncologic diseases such as pulmonary, mammary and colorectal carcinoma, carcinomas of the esophagus, stomach and pancreas, hepatocellular carcinoma, gynecological malignant tumors, tumors on the head and neck, urogenital tumors, melanoma, neuroendocrine tumors, etc.

Main therapeutic approaches include neoadjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy and palliative chemotherapy.

Versatile patient care involves diagnostics and staging of all types of malignant tumors for patients over 18 years old, consultation (including online) and dispensary observation.