Mission and Vision


The Bulgarian Cardiac Institute’s mission is to explore patient needs thoroughly, to provide high quality healthcare services, to exceed patient expectations and to support the long-term education and professional qualification of our physicians.

To achieve this mission, The Bulgarian Cardiac Institute sets the following objectives:

  • Superiority in specialized medical care, supported by scientific research and education
  • Development, application, evaluation and participation in innovative medical technologies
  • Attraction of high-quality medical, scientific and healthcare professionals
  • Provision of affordable healthcare service
  • To guarantee that the quality of all the healthcare services is at the core of each and every therapeutic decision


The Bulgarian Cardiac Institute’s vision is based on the determination to become a regional leader in Eastern Europe in regards of patients care, clinical results, scientific research and medical education.

The Founder and the Management Team of the Bulgarian Cardiac Institute believe that all the different medical specialist can and must work together as a team. This type of collaboration, efficacy and shared vision stimulates peak achievements in patients’ healthcare, scientific research and medical education. These principles are currently valid for the Bulgarian Cardiac Institute – a healthcare, scientific and educational organization, founded by visionary leaders, who believe in six fundamental values, which make up the backbone of the corporate culture:

  • Quality – we maintain high standards through evaluation, analysis and improvement of health results
  • Innovation – we constantly search for more effective, safe and cost- effective healthcare technologies
  • Collaboration – we collaborate and share experience with colleges all over the world
  • Satisfaction – we strive to overcome the expectations of patients and medical specialists
  • Integrity – we adhere to the highest moral principles and professional standards
  • Care – we strive to provide a caring and supportive environment for our patients, their families and the medical specialist