The Obstetrics Department, headed by Assoc. Prof. Yordan Popov MD, is part of the Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology. A team of renowned specialists in obstetrics, gynaecology and reproductive medicine are committed to providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary medical and surgical care. The Department of Obstetrics has operating rooms with modern equipment and instrumentation to perform the full range of operative interventions in childbirth and gynecological operations.

The clinic specializes in minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. There are resuscitation rooms and post-recovery rooms, a high-tech imaging sector and other specialized units related to the support of surgical activity. We carry out check-ups, consultative and preventive examinations, as well as individualized women-centered care – in modernly equipped outpatient rooms.

We provide uninterrupted 24-hour medical care, including medical assistance in emergency conditions.