Medical genetics laboratory

The Medical genetics laboratory is specialized in the field of molecular genetics and more precisely in molecular onco-pathology. It is an integral part of the newly formed molecular onco-pathology section, together with the department for general and clinical pathology.

The team consists of medics, molecular biologists and medical laboratory assistants.

The Medical genetics laboratory possesses all the equipment necessary to perform its activity and all the instrumentarium and consumables for performing molecular genetic diagnostics; it complies with the European quality requirements for in-vitro diagnostic procedures.  The laboratory is organized in accordance with international standards and all regulations for good laboratory practice and aims to obtain full accreditation as soon as possible.

A major accent in the activities of the molecular genetics and onco-pathology laboratory is put on diagnosing solid (mainly carcinomas), sporadically appearing and malignant neoplasia in patients over 18 years old. The studies conducted in the laboratory are part of the analyses necessary for diagnosing and defining the prognostics for a number of oncological diseases and for choosing a therapeutic approach – target therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy – using an individual approach.

Identification of therapeutically relevant biomarkers in tumor samples is made using various confirmed PCR-based methods. Introduction of diagnostic methods based on next-generation sequencing is impending, and a protocol for working not only with tumor material, but also with fluid biopsy is also currently being developed.

Our team works in close cooperation with the other clinics at the “Heart and Brain” hospital, and also with various academic institutions for the development of scientific projects.