Diseases of the mammary gland

  • Diseases of the mammary glands are common, but only 20% of them are oncological.
  • Cancerous diseases require timely and accurate diagnosis in order to successfully apply state-of-the-art advances in their treatment.
  • Benign diseases of the mammary glands require timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment because some of them may develop into cancer. Some cancers mimic benign manifestations in their initial development.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of mammary gland diseases require high professional competence of physicians in order to detect and treat them in a timely manner, especially the malignant ones.
  • It is particularly important for women between the ages of 50 and 70 to have annual preventive examinations – mammograms and examination by a surgeon.

The Clinic of General and Oncological Surgery and the other oncology-oriented structures of the Heart and Brain Hospital in Pleven have implemented the most advanced methods for the diagnosis and treatment of women with diseases of the mammary glands and provide a comprehensive approach at a high level. Some of the advanced surgical methods are: oncoplastic approach in breast conservation surgeries. The shape of the breast is preserved; a “new” breast is built after the entire breast is removed. Implants or grafts are used; surgery on the other breast to achieve symmetry with the operated breast when necessary; application of the so-called sentinel biopsy to achieve a more sparing operation and prevent swelling of the arm; preoperative marking of non-pigmentable tumours with imaging diagnostic methods to achieve accurate removal of the tumour; removal of tissue from the tumour with a t-tube device; and removal of the tumour with a t-tube device. Competent participation of surgeons in the oncology committee to assess the overall complex treatment is an important part of the organisation of the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

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