Maternity Unit

The Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynaecology has a maternity unit located on the second floor of the ‘Mama and I’ building. The sector offers high quality medical care for mothers and their newborns by established specialists with extensive experience.

Expectant mothers spend the hours leading up to meeting their newborn in a comfortable environment, as close to home as possible, with the support of their relative and discreet supervision from our team.

The maternity unit has rooms for both natural childbirth or assisted operative delivery. Expectant mothers can choose a private labour room for natural birth, where they can be accompanied by an attendant. All delivery rooms meet the most up-to-date medical requirements, combining the possibility of intensive medical intervention with the comfort and convenience of home.

The Postpartum unit of ‘Mama and I’ provides mothers with everything necessary to recover after birth and to get acquainted with their newborns.

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