About the department:
The specialists in the Department of Neonatology provide initial care for newborns (for all babies born in the hospital or transported to us from other hospitals, as well as those admitted from home). The department is headed by Dr. Andrey Hristov and has the highest – 3rd – level of competence.

At childbirth – conducting primary resuscitation in the delivery/operating room of premature and critically ill newborns. The equipment used is modern and uncompromising in quality. This allows early essential newborn care, including to extremely preterm infants weighing less than 1000 g.

Excellent conditions are provided in the sector of Healthy and At-Risk Newborns, allowing mothers to stay with their children.  If medically necessary, the baby can stay for observation and care in a specially equipped and separated “risk room”.

The department has an Intensive therapy sector. Ill newborns requiring intensive observation, ventilator monitoring and intensive care are admitted there. The team uses state-of-the-art equipment produced by leading medical manufacturers. Our team provides advanced respiratory, cardiovascular, neuroprotective therapy. The sector has a sufficient number of intensive care incubators, ventilators and breathing machines, video monitoring of neurological activity. With the modern ultrasonography machine we have the possibility of rapid, non-invasive and dynamic assessment of the state of the central nervous system and internal organs of the baby.

The department has a state-of-the-art incubator, the “Babyleo 500”, which gives even the most premature babies a chance.

The Special Care Unit provides medical care to patients who are already stabilized, but who require highly specialized care, monitoring and instrumental examinations /including ophthalmological assessment/.

Mothers of our youngest patients should be reassured in the care of their children on discharge from the neonatological department. We have therefore set up a “kangaroo care” structure where, under the guidance of a neonatologist, our midwives will be closest to the mothers and will help to establish the mother-child bond in the very first moments, as well as for their subsequent education.

We have also thought about the children who need our highly specialised care but were not born with us. We have a modern ambulance/reanimobile/ and a mobile intensive care unit/transport incubator with respirator/ with which we can transport any newborn to our intensive care unit.

The Neonatology Department also has a neonatology office for the provision of elective and emergency outpatient neonatal care.