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Heart and Brain Center of Clinical Excellence, Pleven

Heart and Brain Center of Clinical Excellence in Pleven is a high-tech hospital, specialized in cardiovascular and neurological diseases  treatment, equipped with the most advanced technology available. The hospital has several clinics and departments, all awarded with the highest third level of competence, accordant with the national and global medical standards in cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, cardiology, electrocardiostimulation, anesthesiology and intensive care, neurology, intensive care in cardiology, intensive care in cardiac surgery, non-invasive cardiology, invasive cardiology and imaging diagnostic. The clinical diagnostic facilities of the hospital include clinical and microbiological laboratory.

Hearth and Brain conducts various scientific and educational activities, including education of undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD students, interventional and non-interventional clinical trials.

The hospital utilizes an electronic server system PACS for storage of and access to all diagnostic and imaging tests of the patients (MRI, CT scan, angiogram, echocardiogram, X-ray), enabling a fast and precise therapeutic decision-making during the procedures in the operating theaters.

The integrated software system provides access to real-time examinations and test results from hospitals all over the country as well as to online consultations during off-site angiographic examinations.

The hospital structure includes five multifunctional operating theaters, including a hybrid OR, equipped with the latest hybrid technologies (intraoperative B-plan angiograph and intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging), giving the patients access to the most advanced global achievements in the cardiac and neurosurgery fields.