Cardiac surgery

The Clinic offers all contemporary options for cardio-surgical interventions and cardio-vascular diseases treatment, such as:

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: myocardial revascularization with or without extracorporeal circulation
  • Minimally invasive surgery of the aortic valve with mini sternotomy (6-7 cm cutaneous cut) which provides faster patient recovery
  • Surgery of the ascending Aorta and Aortic arc. This method is used when emergency surgery is needed for patients with dissection of the aorta. The clinic is equipped with the most advanced and fastest-diagnostic tool – 64 sliced computed tomography scanner, Nano Panel technology
  • Minimally invasive surgery for the Mitral and Tricuspid valve, as well as for some congenital conditions as Atrial Septal Defect. The access is through right thoracotomy with a skin cut of 8 cm
  • Innovative valve-spearing operative interventions for aortic, mitral and tricuspid valves. The reconstructive valve surgery is the latest trend in the global cardiac surgery techniques
  • Cardiac surgery for Marfan syndrome, preventing a life-threatening dissection of the aorta
  • Surgery of Cardiac tumors
  • Surgery for conduction and rhythm disorders, surgical implantation of pacemaker lead, Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in Heart Failure Patients
  • Surgical implantation of continuous intra cardiac catheter
  • Surgery for Pericardial disease
  • Surgery for Massive Pulmonary Embolisms
  • Surgery for Congenital Cardiac Disease in patients over 18
  • Surgical treatment of Dehiscence of the sternum