About the clinic:
The clinic performs highly specialized diagnostics and surgical interventions on the mammary and thyroid glands, stomach, small intestine and colon, rectum, anus, gall bladder, liver, pancreas, wounds and all types of hernias of the abdominal wall, etc. It is crucial to be able to encompass the entire cycle of treatment – from the examination, including prophylactic examinations, to the follow-up with patients after the surgery, especially in the case of patients with oncological disorders.

The clinic has modern equipment and is possesses the instruments and facilities necessary to apply the most precise and patient-friendly techniques. Intraoperative ultrasound and x-ray monitoring is routinely used upon indications.

Our specialists have extensive clinical and research experience gained in leading clinics in the country and abroad. All of them are engaged in research activities, teaching activities are also carried out. Recently, a pediatric and a plastic surgeon have joined the team, as well as two physicians certified in robotic surgery specializing in breast surgery.

Treatment of gastrointestinal tract diseases

We use the most contemporary methods for surgically treating cancer of the stomach, colon, rectum an anus. Preoperative radiotherapy, total mesorectal excision and ultralow anterior resections are confirmed standards when dealing with rectal cancer.

The laparoscopic approach is used routinely with cholecystectomy, removal of parts of the rectum and colon, laparoscopic staging and biopsies. This method has great advantages regarding minimization of trauma and preservation of the patient’s organs’ functionality. The clinic is ready to implement robotic surgery.

We practice preoperative radio- and chemotherapy in cases of rectal cancer, and neoadjuvant chemotherapy in cases of advanced colon carcinoma. Automatic completion of the anastomosis allows us to shorten operating times and insures increased security.

Treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the mammary gland

We perform high-level diagnostics, and the operations we most often conduct are patient-friendly removals of benign finds and application of aesthetic sutures; breast-preserving surgery on malignant tumors with very good aesthetic results through an oncoplastic approach and removal of the gland, with the possibility of its restoration via implantoplastics on patient request; patient-friendly removal of 1-4 axillary lymph nodes during biopsy of sentinel lymph nodes, upon indications; surgical increase or decrease of mammary glands on clinical or aesthetical indications, using the methods of plastic surgery.

Treatment of malignant disorders and precancerous conditions of the skin

Our team of specialists applies all contemporary achievements in the field of invasive diagnostics and surgical and complex treatment of these conditions, based on precise pretherapeutic morphological diagnostics. Upon indications about the necessity of surgical treatment, radical interventions are undertaken in order to achieve a maximal beneficial result regarding functionality and aesthetics of the treated zone. If surgical intervention is necessary on the regional lymphatic system, it is performed with the full spectrum of surgical approaches – sentinel dissection upon indications and dissection of nodes in the respective regions (axillary, inguino-iliac, cervical, etc.)

Treatment of thyroid gland disorders

The clinic has implemented all contemporary operating methods of thyroid gland surgery, which vary in volume. In order to achieve maximum efficiency and safety, methods for preservation of neural structures are applied during the most complex operations.

Treatment of hernias of the anterior abdominal wall and diaphragm

Both types of hernia are treated using a laparoscopic (minimally invasive) approach, in order to reduce surgical trauma.

Emergency surgery

The clinic is organized for round-the-clock reception and treatment of urgent cases of general surgery (appendicitis, strangulated hernia, perforated ulcer, ileus, peritonitis, acute hemorrhage of gastrointestinal tract, etc.) in order to perform timely diagnostics and surgical treatment.