About the department:
The haemodialysis department at the Heart and Brain Hospital, Pleven treats patients in the terminal stage of chronic renal failure. The dialysis centre provides the possibility of performing both haemodialysis and haemodiafiltration and its more modern variant online haemodiafiltration. For this purpose we have high quality equipment – 10 hemodialysis machines Fresenius 5008S and consumables of Fresenius ( Germany ), with the application of only High – Flux dialyzers.

The first hemodialysis unit is the only hemodialysis center in the city of Pleven, allowing hemodiafiltration to be performed at each dialysis station.

Advantages of Online Hemodiafiltration over LF and HF Hemodialysis:

  • A gentle method for peripheral circulation.
  • Better purification of the blood is achieved and thus the so-called “medium molecules” are removed, which is not achieved in LFHD /Low – flux hemodialysis/.
  • It allows the extraction of larger amounts of fluid without causing a collapse in the haemodynamic state of the patients.
  • The concentration of β – 2 microglobulin is also reduced in patients compared to LFHD /Low – flux haemodialysis/ and HFHD /High – flux haemodialysis/. Important for the development of amyloidosis and subsequently carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • It favourably affects renal anaemia and increases tissue sensitivity to administered erythropoietin.
  • The calcium-phosphorus status is improved, reducing the need for administration of phosphate binders.
  • Provides hemodyanemic tolerance, favorably affecting hypertonic and hypotonic states.
  • Has a noticeable effect on nutritional status. Prevents the development of MIA – syndrome / malnutrition, inflammatory processes and atherosclerotic changes /.
  • Prevents the development of renal polyneuropathy.
  • Has a positive effect on the total lipid status, with a predominant influence on the level of triglycerides.
  • Positive influence on immunity of dialysis patients is reported.

The First Hemodialysis Center at the Heart and Brain Hospital, Pleven, has a highly qualified staff of doctors specializing in internal medicine and nephrology, nurses and technologists with many years of experience in the field of hemodialysis treatment. A specialist psychologist will be available for each patient of the first haemodialysis centre.

For the convenience of its patients, the Hemodialysis Center will provide transportation to each patient or will provide travel expenses. Each patient will be provided with individual television and internet access during each hemodialysis procedure.