Highly Specialised Expertise in
Service of Lifesaving – in Progress

Heart and Brain Center of Clinical Excellence, Burgas

Heart and Brain Center of Clinical Excellence in Burgas is a high-tech hospital, specialized in cardiovascular diseases treatment, equipped with the most advanced technology available. The hospital has several clinics and departments, all awarded with the highest level of competence, accordant with the national and global medical standards in cardiology; cardiac surgery, anesthesiology and intensive care and imaging diagnostic.

Located on 15 000 sqm of floor space, with 9 above-ground and 2 underground floors, the hospital has a capacity of 330 beds, with 14 operating rooms (one hybrid and one with a biplane angiograph), robotic cardiac surgery, 2 computed tomography scanners, 2 X-ray machines, 1 last-generation MRI, a 34-bed intensive care unit and 12 medical offices. The laboratory block includes a clinical and microbiological laboratory.

An electronic server system PACS is builtI in Heart and Brain Burgas , allowing storage and access to all diagnostic imaging tests of patients (MRI, CT, angiograph, ultrasound, X-ray) and providing doctors with the opportunity for quick and accurate therapeutic decisions in the operating rooms. The integrated software system provides the capability to obtain studies from hospitals across the country in real time and conduct online remote cardiac surgery consultations during remote angiography studies.

Continuous monitoring of patient vital signs, video conferencing for patients, facilitated access for people with mobility issues, excellent housekeeping, personal diets and 8 ambulances for emergency medical transportation are made available.