Thoracic surgery

About the clinic:
The thoracic surgery clinic is a contemporary, specialized scientific and clinical high-technology unit. It has the highest level of competence (level III) for performing surgical interventions. The specialists – recognized chest surgeons with many years of experience and consultants on a national level – participate actively to all stages of the diagnostic and treatment process, guaranteeing a versatile treatment.

The clinic performs all contemporary surgical interventions and endoscopic operations with a minimal level of invasion, sparing the patient and contributing to a rapid recovery with minimal hospital stay.

Our team has the highest level of expertise in diagnosing and treating complex diseases of the chest wall, pericardium, lungs, pleurae, trachea and bronchi, mediastinum, diaphragm and esophagus.

The operating bloc has two modern operating rooms, anesthesiology and echography systems, endoscopy and bronchoscopy equipment of the latest generation, a broad array of instruments that fully covers the wide range of work done in the clinic. For timely diagnostics, we use a modern biochemistry, pathology and genetics laboratory, a CT-scanner, a portable X-ray scanner, useful with patients with reduced mobility, during or after surgery.

The thoracic surgery clinic successfully performs all contemporary medical interventions for the treatment of oncological and non-oncological diseases, classifiable by volume and complexity.

Low volume and complexity surgical interventions include biopsy at the level of the neck and thorax, correction and plastic surgery of scars at the same localizations, incision of an abscess, furuncle or phlegmon on the neck and chest wall, biopsy of mammary glands, implantation of a chemo port or a pigtail catheter.

Interventions of a medium level of volume and complexity include diagnostic biopsies of the lungs, pleurae, mediastinum lymph nodes, anterior mediastinotomy, mediastinal drain, thoracotomy for spontaneous pneumothorax and sympathectomy, placing of an intrapleural drain with or without a trocar, rib resection, cervical esophagostomy, gastrostomy, tracheostomy, surgery of benign formations of the neck.

High volume and complexity surgical interventions include pulmonectomy or partial pulmonary resection, thrombectomy of the pulmonary artery, video-assisted atypical pulmonary resection, video-assisted enucleation, bronchotomy, lung volume reducing pulmonary resection, tracheoesophageal fistula removal, video-assisted thoracic surgery of spontaneous pneumothorax with bullectomy, bulloraphia, wedge resection, pericardial fenestration, transthoracic diaphragm surgery, reconstructive and plastic surgery of the tracheobronchial tree, pleurectomy with pulmonary decortication, segmental and polysegmental pulmonary resection, sternolaparotomy, resection and reconstruction of the chest wall and sternum, extirpation of large mediastinal tumors, esophageal resection, etc.