A Second opinion

If you would like to have an online consultation or a “second opinion” concerning the diagnosis and treatment of your disease by a cardiologist, cardio surgeon, neurologist, neurosurgeon, vascular surgeon and radiologist, you can send a request, with all documents needed scanned and attached, to Ms Ani Ivanova. After after a confirmation, you need to pay the following fee:

• For a leading Bulgarian specialist: BGN 100
• For a leading foreign specialist: BGN 300

The fee has to be transferred to HEART AND BRAIN Center of Clinical Excellence bank account:

IBAN: BG35UNCR70001522516096

You need to note the consultation type: cardiologist, cardio surgeon, neurosurgeon, etc..

For additional information please contact Ms Ani Ivanova 02 4026406, a.ivanova@heartandbrain.bg.


People suffer from ca. 10 000 different diseases around the world. These diseases can be checked through 200-300 symptoms. A physician diagnoses the disease by a specific combination and manifestation order of all the symptoms. This is not always easy. Particularly in the case of a rare diseases or a combination of many diseases. Older patients may often suffer from several diseases at the same time.  That is why physicians do not always diagnose a disease accurately.

Statistics show that in 88% of the cases, a second examination by another specialist improves a diagnosis or completely changes it. This leads to a medication therapy change and even to reconsidering an initially suggested surgery. Diseases usually progress over time. For this reason, the clinical presentation is more complete and the diagnosis of a disease is more accurate through a second review. Frequently, when seasoned physicians examine their long term patients, they notice that the diagnosis set in the past was not entirely correct due to their previous lack of experience.

Medicine is a “collective sport” – it is played by a team. This is why a second opinion always helps. When a patient is in a risky situation, an intelligent physician should always insist on a second opinion. In good clinics, team visitations are performed and it is not exceptional that the right diagnosis is set by the youngest physician.

Second opinions by other specialists are especially desirable in the case of a planned surgery or a therapy that could have many side effects. Our hospitals and centers are always available for second opinions.