Immunology laboratory

Since early 2021, a medico-diagnostic laboratory for clinical immunology is functioning in the laboratory-diagnostic sectors of the Heart and Brain Center of Clinical Excellence. It provides immune system studies, as well as the possibility to consult a specialist – a clinical immunologist.

The laboratory for clinical immunology performs studies of classic immune indicators, but also makes specialized studies, including the analysis of serum immunoglobulins, analysis of complement components, study of the rheumatoid factor, CRP study, screening and quantitative analysis of autoantibodies for diagnosing and monitoring different autoimmune disorders.

The studies we preform are extremely useful for the diagnostic evaluation of frequently ill patients, patients with serious complications, with chronically occurring viral or bacterial infections, unclarified pyrexia, chronic fatigue syndrome, systemic and organ-specific autoimmune disorders and reproductive problems.

Clarification and monitoring of the immune status is necessary for patients with established primary or secondary immunodeficiency, with tumor diseases, patients subjected to high-dose corticosteroid therapy, chemo- or radiotherapy, as well as other therapies with immunosuppressant or immuno-modulating effects.

The laboratory for clinical immunology works in close collaboration with almost all clinical medical specialties, providing timely and reliable immunologic diagnostics, contemporary immunotherapeutic approaches, prophylactic care and competent consultations regarding immune-mediated disorders. The medico-diagnostic immunology laboratory’s specific orientation of work is closely connected to the activity of the other clinics.