Hospital management

  • Tihomir Kamenov
    Tihomir Kamenov

    Founder of the Bulgarian Cardiac Institute and the first Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Lawyer, specialist in public and private international law, founder of the leading companies in the health care group of Commercial League. Visionary and corporate development strategist focused on patient satisfaction, healthcare quality, medical innovation and education.

  • Prof. Iana Simova, MD, PhD
    Prof. Iana Simova, MD, PhD

    Executive Director of the Bulgarian Cardiac Institute

    Cardiologist, scientific expert, leading specialist in echocardiography, head of a scientific group for post-COVID syndrome. She performs comprehensive research, diagnosis and treatment of patients with syncope (transient loss of consciousness), including telemedicine and telecardiology, stress tests of the heart, analysis of the function of the vessels. Chair of Thematic panel Circulatory system in the Expert panel of Medical Devices (EXPAMED) of European Medicines Agency (EMA). She holds several management  positions, including EMA, the European Society of Cardiology and the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging. Ass. Prof. Simova has been awarded numerous prizes for scientific achievements, including the prestigious award for High Scientific Achievements of the Bulgarian Union of Scientists. A widely demanded lecturer, editor of six journals, with over 400 scientific publications.

  • Prof. Toni Vekov, PhD, DSc
    Prof. Toni Vekov, PhD, DSc

    Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Cardiac Institute

    Professor of Public Health and Health Management, Health Economics and Organization and economics of the pharmaceutical production. He has successfully defended the degree of Doctor of Science in Social Medicine and Organization of Health and Pharmacy. He has over 370 publications in national and international journals, is the author of 22 textbooks and 12 monographs, and is a member of the European Public Health Association. He has many years of management experience in the field of health insurance, hospital medical care and marketing of medicinal products and services.

  • Haralin Tumbev, MD
    Haralin Tumbev, MD Executive director