Cardiology Department

The department treats urgent and scheduled patients with acute and chronic cardiovascular diseases, also patients in the post-acute disease phase.

Intensive Care Unit

Diagnostic, treatment and control of critical disorders of vital body functions; diagnostic, control and treatment of life-threatening conditions, directly connected with pathological cardiovascular disorders. The intensive cardiac treatment provides 24-hour admission possibility, permanent care, monitoring, control and support of patients’ vital organ functions. The procedures in the intensive cardiac departments require permanent monitoring of patients’ vital functions and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Invasive Department

The invasive cardiology is a part of the cardiology, providing diagnostic and treatment of acute and scheduled patients with cardiovascular diseases, through invasive techniques via arterial and/or vein access.

Non-invasive Department

The department employs all non-invasive diagnostic tools in cardiology: 24-hours arterial pressure monitoring, 24-hours cardiac rhythm and conduction monitoring, echocardiograph,; stress test with veloergometer or treadmill with or without pharmacology support, with or without echocardiography, with or without electrocardiography.