About the clinic:
The neurosurgery clinic performs clinical and scientific activities and provides training for PhD candidates, specializing practitioners and students. It is structured in two departments – dedicated respectively to cranial and spinal surgery. The clinic possesses the only hybrid operating room in Bulgaria, featuring intraoperative NMR spectroscopy, 3D angiography and neuro-navigation, which allow us to perform the most precise and high-technology cerebral surgery interventions known in world medical practice.

The cranial surgery department has the most advanced capabilities for intraoperative fluorescence and neurophysiological monitoring, which allow for a flawless cerebral mapping and peripheral nerve stimulation.

Diagnostic and clinical activities include endovascular treatment of cerebral aneurysms, embolization of cerebral arteriovenous malformations and tumor formations, mechanical thrombectomy and stenting of thrombotic and ischemic cerebral strokes, surgical treatment of primary and secondary brain cancers, craniocerebral traumatic injuries, non-traumatical cerebral hemorrhages, microvascular decompression in case of a hemifacial spasm and trigeminal neuralgia, intracranial hypertension and hydrocephalus, congenital or inflammatory diseases, cranial base surgery.

The spinal surgery department uses the only endoscopic spine surgery system in Bulgaria – a latest generation Jorimax with integrated modules for transforaminal access (TESSYS), interlaminar access (ILESSYS, CESSYS), radiofrequency ablation (Multizyte).

The department performs minimally invasive interventions on the anterior segment of the spine (thoracic and lumbar department), with the possibility for reconstructions, corrections of sagittal balance, highly effective replacement of vertebral bodies, including lateral lumbar fusion (XLIF), oblique frontal lumbar fusion (OLIF), frontal lumbar fusion (ALIF, MIS ALIF), mini-thoracotomy and frontal fusion, arthroplasty, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, surgical treatment of primary and secondary cancers of the spine, spinocerebellar vascular disorders and traumas, degenerative diseases, scoliosis, spinal disc herniation, baclofen and combined intrathecal pump implants for pain management, oncologic disorders of peripheral nerves, cervical, brachial and lumbar plexus disorders.