‘Heart and Brain’ put Pleven on the world map

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We are happy to announce the global achievement of Prof. Iana Simova and her team in the field of clinical trials!

In the middle of last month a research team led by prof. Iana Simova, successfully randomized the first global patient, marking a key milestone in clinical trials.

This success earned them a prestigious place in the global pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk, which honoured them for their dedication to advancing the treatment of chronic diseases.

Undoubtedly, Prof. Simova and her team are distinguished by their dedication to the advancement of medicine, holding leading positions in patient recruitment and for various other clinical trials, related to cardiovascular disease. Their outstanding professionalism and unwavering dedication continue to support innovation in medicine and bring hope to patients around the world.

“We are a highly sought-after center and an extremely desirable partner in conducting clinical trials, both by leading, established and emerging pharma industries as well as by CRO companies. We are typically among the first companies with patient enrollment, we very often recruit the most participants not only in Bulgaria, but also in Europe and worldwide. Auditors are delighted with us, we even had an inspection by the FDA, and the agency was impressed with  our good organization”, said prof. Simova. “When it comes to innovation, development of medical science and new opportunities for patients, with us”NO” is not an answer!”.

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