“Heart and Brain” Burgas implemented the latest generation Holangioscope in the Gastroenterology clinic

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The fine size of the equipment allows the diagnosis of some rarer conditions in the pancreatic duct

Since the end of April 2024, the Gastroenterology Clinic at ‘Heart and Brain’ Burgas has a cholangioscope. This is a thin endoscope that is inserted into the bile duct and allows accurate diagnosis of biliary tree tumours as well as extraction of concrements by laser destruction.

The fine size of the device also allows it to enter the pancreatic duct, which can diagnose some rarer conditions of this important and sensitive organ.

“The cholangioscope enables the clinic’s gastroenterologists to perform a complete diagnosis of biliopancreatic diseases. This type of research and diagnostics is unique for the region of Eastern Bulgaria” – reports Assoc. Prof. Mirchev.

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