Dr. Haritonov, Head of the Department of Neurosurgery and Spinal Surgery in Pleven presented in the Almanac of Innovations in Medicine

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Minimally invasive methods in spinal neurosurgery is the project that Heart and Brain Center of Excelence is involved with this year: ‘I am truly proud of our results – the success rate for patients with spinal afflictions at the Heart and Brain Pleven Neurosurgery and Spinal Surgery Clinic is over 90 – 93%, which is a very high percentage even for reputable European clinics’.

“Patients come to me at different stages of their suffering – for a primary examination with relevant complaints, for a second opinion or due to unsatisfactory results of surgical treatment. I am convinced that for all these cases we have the right solution, such as they will get in the best European clinics”

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