Prof. Toni Vekov: Pleven is an example of how competition in healthcare improves the quality of health service

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“Pleven is an example of how competition in health care provides a very good health product for society. My opinion is that state regulation should be withdrawn to some extent from the sector, to create conditions for more competition. This will, no doubt, lead to more new technologies and an increased quality of healthcare service for patients.”

This is what prof. Toni Vekov, who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Cardiac Institute and the Heart and Brain centers of clinical excellence in Pleven and Burgas. Together with Martin Mitev – the Administrative Director of Heart and Brain in Pleven, they participated in a conference on “Healthcare and Innovations in Medicine”, organized by the Bulgarian News Agency within the framework of the “Bulgarian Voices for Europe” initiative.

Please find the full article here.

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