The “Standard” published a thank-you letter from a satisfied patient of ‘Heart and Brain’

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My name is Rositsa Atanasova and I would like to express my gratitude to some exceptional professionals – my surgeon Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Haritonov and his right hand in this process – Dr. Alan Ibrahim Mohamad,  and their neurosurgery team at the Heart and Brain hospital.

I spent six months unsuccessfully seeking treatment, met with many doctors… I had a problem was my right arm, which was blocked, and for me, as a passionate hairdresser, it was very hard. For my lucky God met me in time with these wonderful people and extraordinary specialists, without whom I would still be wandering around the offices, which in the end would have been disastrous for my arm.

After neck surgery vertebrae with a pinched nerve, made by Assoc. Prof: Haritonov, I feel wonderful and moving my arm. Two hours after the operation I was on my feet and with happy smile on my face!

Thank goodness we have you to help those in need! May God keep you!

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