Heart and Brain Centers of Clinical Excellence in Pleven and Burgas use next-generation disinfection robots

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Robotic systems with built-in artificial intelligence provide the ability for non-contact, non-chemical disinfection of all surfaces by ultraviolet bactericidal irradiation. The robot’s blue light causes irreversible damage to pathogens and has a guaranteed success rate of 99.9%.

The equipment is extremely useful for complete sterilization of operating rooms, isolation rooms for infectious patients, rooms such as hospital registries and reception areas with high concentrations of patients and areas with over-exposure of viral and bacterial organisms.

Within 3 to 8 minutes are required to completely disinfect a hospital room. The robots in the Heart and Brain hospitals in Pleven and Burgas are an indispensable assistant in the prevention of nosocomial infections and the non-spread of pathogenic bacteria.

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