Thanks to an innovative treatment, neurosurgeons from ‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven help patients with chronic pain to lead a full life

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The hospital establishes itself as one of the first and main pain treatment centres in the country

An implantation of a device affecting chronic spinal pain was performed for the first time in the neurosurgery clinic of the high-tech , Heart and Brain’ in Pleven. The innovative method gives patients with long-standing spinal pain a chance to live a normal life without constant medication and its side effects.

“I am happy that we have laid the foundation for a revolutionary category in the treatment of chronic pain, namely the implantation of spinal cord stimulation devices. This is the most innovative and cutting-edge treatment possible for chronic neuropathic pain that affects the spine and extremities, and most often occurs after a series of surgical interventions or spinal trauma,” commented Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Haritonov, head of the clinic.

The leading indicator for the application of the method is the need for such treatment and the results of mandatory test stimulation, on the basis of which the doctor assesses whether the intervention is applicable to the particular patient.

“The implantation of a device against chronic pain is the placement of permanent electrodes on the sheaths of the spinal cord. These electrodes are connected to a subcutaneous pulse generator and electrical impulses are transmitted to the spinal cord through them. This interrupts the transmission of the disease impulses to the brain. It is no coincidence that spinal cord stimulation, is called the “pacemaker for pain”, explained Assoc. Prof. Haritonov.

The first device against chronic pain in ‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven was placed in a patient with 7 spinal surgeries. After implantation of the device, the patient leads a full life without pain. The only limitation is within the first 4 to 5 weeks, when moderate physical exertion is recommended in order to position the electrodes stably in the epidural space.

“With the introduction of this innovative treatment, our hospital becomes one of the first and major pain management centers in the country. The method is extremely indicative of how the development of medicine and new technologies enable everyone responsible for their own health to lead a fulfilling lifestyle. In the developed world, the implantation of devices is a common but also costly treatment. We are happy that in our country it is completely free of charge for all insured patients”, add the Heart and Brain specialists.

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