Cardiac surgeons at ‘Heart and Brain’ Burgas mark three years since the first non-operative aortic valve replacement

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The last patient in whom TAVI was performed was 60 years old, on dialysis for 5 years. On the fifth day after the procedure, he was feeling well and preparing for discharge

For three years now, the cardiac surgeons at Heart and Brain Burgas have been applying a gentle non-operative method for aortic valve replacement (TAVI). So far, the team of Dr. Penchev, Dr. Kornovsky, Dr. Gradinarov and their assistants has helped 73 patients using this minimally invasive technique. Initially, the method was introduced in the Burgas high-tech hospital together with the leading invasive cardiologists from the Czech Republic – Dr. Mathez and Dr. Zemanek.

TAVI is used to treat patients with severe aortic valve narrowing. Aortic stenosis is a valvular disease characteristic of the elderly.

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