‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven has highly specialized equipment for fetal morphology

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Highly specialized and detailed ultrasound examination of the intrauterine development of the fetus and the course of pregnancy in the different gestational weeks is carried out by the Heart and Brain Center of Clinical Excellence in  Pleven. With fetal medicine we provide the best care for the fetus and the mother, says Dr. Dobrinka Gincheva, D.M., obstetrician-gynecologist at Heart and Brain.

“In our hospital we have a modern highly specialized ultrasound machine Samsung HERA W9, through which 2D-, 3D- and 4D-echography with Doppler examination are performed. We offer expectant mothers early and late biochemical screening, screening for pre-eclampsia at different gestational periods, early fetal morphology and fetal morphology in the second and third trimesters. During the examination, the major organs and systems, growth rate and fetal development are assessed and congenital anomalies are excluded. The degree of maturity, the type and position of the placenta, the amount of amniotic fluid, the length and degree of shortening of the cervix, the blood flow in the main fetal vessels, the umbilical cord and the uterine arteries are examined,” informs Dr. Gincheva.

The full article is available here in Bulgarian.

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