Modern oncology is prevention, multidisciplinary approach and personalized treatment

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Interview with Dr Tsvetomir Ivanov, MD, specialist in oncological surgery at the Heart and Brain Hospital Pleven on the occasion of the month when the Bulgarian Cardiological Institute (BCI) focuses public attention on the fight against oncological diseases. At the Heart and Brain Center of Excellence in Pleven we have the only Gamma Knife in Bulgaria for the treatment of all types of tumours in the head and the latest generation linear accelerator, explained the cancer surgery specialist.

– Dr Ivanov, on 4 February we celebrated the World Cancer Day. Why is BCI dedicating an entire month to cancer?

– Cancers are the second most common cause of death in developed countries, making them extremely socially significant. The fight against cancer is very complex and requires serious efforts from both health professionals and patients. Therefore, patient awareness of the problems associated with these diseases is very important and the more informed they are, the more successful their treatment will be. If this interview motivates more people to seek specialist advice, then our efforts have borne fruit.

You can read the full interview here.

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