Heart and Brain Center of Excellence in Burgas – The Only Hospital in Bulgaria With an Increase Of The Cardio-surgical Operations For 2020

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Analysis of “Hospitals` Indexes” shows that for 2020 the number of cardio surgeries in Bulgaria is down with 24% compared to the previous year`s results. A main reason for that is the COVID-19 pandemic  and the postponed treatments of patients as a result of the planned surgeries being put on hold. With this being said, the only hospital in Bulgaria with reported growth in the number of initiated cardio-surgeries, regardless of the current complicated conditions, is Heart and Brain Center of Excellence in Burgas. The numbers state clearly: for the first six months as of the start of the hospital`s activity in 2019, 181 interventions were conducted and for 2020 the registered operations are 408.

According to stats by the National Health Insurance Fund and the main clinical pathways related to cardio surgeries, the Heart and Brain hospital in Pleven is also among the leaders in the cardio treatment in Bulgaria. The hospital outruns medical institutions around the country quite distinctly when it comes to the major operations of complex heart malformations (444 interventions) and also the operations without extracorporeal blood pressure – 174.

The traditional yearly statistics help the Bulgarian patients take an informed decision in their choice of a medical institution. The data presented by Heart and Brain Centers of Excellence in Burgas and Pleven is a logical result of the bond between highly-specialized medical activity, excellent set-out and professionalism of the teams and long-standing work of the Bulgarian Cardiac Institute for improvement of the access of the nation to quality European health despite of the chronic underfunding of the Bulgarian Health System.

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