11-year-old Lyubena dedicated a song to the doctors in Heart and Brain, who saved her grandmother’s life

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“Lyubena Stoilkova from the town of Levski dedicates her performance “One Heart” to the doctors, nurses and staff of “Heart and Brain” Center of Excellence in Pleven, who recently saved her grandmother’s life and are still taking care of her recovery! Let us send all our love to the ‘ANGELS in white aprons’ and THANK them for their dedication, professionalism and humanity! During these days of celebration, let the purity of a child’s heart, as sung by Lyubena, give us hope, faith in goodness and good actions! A little over a month ago, Lyubenka lost her grandfather and now she is thankful from the bottom of her heart that you saved her grandmother! Her song is dedicated to all of you, WE VALUE YOUR WORK! BE HEALTHY! WITH A LOT OF LOVE FOR ALL DOCTORS, NURSES AND MEDICAL STAFF OF HEART AND BRAIN CENTER OF EXCELLENCE in Pleven, WITH BEST WISHES FOR A MAGICAL CHRISTMAS AND MANY MIRACLES!”, said in a letter the mother of 11-year-old Lyubena.

Watch the video of the song here.

Watch NOVA tv report here.



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