A Patient With a Torn Aorta Was Operated in Burgas

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An elderly patient was operated in emergency in the Bugras with a torn aorta using the so called “Invasive Intervention”. This happened for a first time at the Multi-Profile Cardio-Hospital for active treatment at the City.

The Aorta of the 74-years old lady patient was disrupted in two places and the invasive intervention was held with emergency. This method has no alternative and Irina Maksakova`s Life was saved due to its execution. Only two hours after the manipulation, the patient breathes on her own and is fully conscious.

Irina Maksakova says: “When am I going to a disco? In a day or two I am ready to go.”

The Head of the cardiology clinic noted that the disrupted aorta part is covered with internal stents and the manipulation was performed via a small cut at the thigh area.

Prof. Vladimir Danov, Head of he Clinic: “This method is already present within our usual clinical practice. With it we are closing a full spectrum of the cardio-surgical operations, as well as for the minimal invasive cario interventions, which are common and a standard practice in Europe and around the world.

Docent Nikolay Dimitrov – an invasive cardiologist: “Here we accommodate anyone, who comes with the usual medical direction, regardless of what they do or their age.”

The Bugras cardio-hospital applies successfully the world good medical practice and cardio-surgents, invasive cardiologists and anesthesiologists are ready to react in emergency cases with patients with cardio-vascular issues.

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