A Unique Cardiac Surgery was performed at the “Heart and Brain” Hospital in Burgas

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The Cardiac surgical team of the Hospital performed a mini-invasive replacement of the mitral valve of a 72-years old patient.

The patient was admitted as an emergency patient. He visited the “Heart and Brain” hospital with complaints of shortness of breath, palpitations, mild fatigue and comorbid conditions such as diabetes mellitus and gout. He suffered for a long time of arterial hypertonia (high blood pressure) and occasional atrial fibrillation – also known as irregular heartbeat. After a consultation with a cardiac surgeon, cardiologist and a resuscitator and performance of an interventional test and echo-cardiographic examination, the conclusion was that the patient suffered from severe mitral insufficiency. As a next step, the team decided to urgently operate.

The team for the operation was led by Petаr Uzunov M.D. and assistant M.D. Krasimira Karakasheva. The surgery, which took four hours was successful. At the moment, the patient is healing nicely.

The Team decided to execute a mini-invasive heart operation , which is considered to be the first one in the region. The main specific is the application of a special conserving technique that does not allow 20-centimeters long cut in the patient`s chest, as it is being done via the classic procedures. The patient is recovering quickly and is in less pain than compared to the classic heart operation. Another advantage is that via a mini-invasive intervention, the patients do not need to take an anticoagulant (blood thinner), which is usually related to a significant change in lifestyle.

The mini-invasive procedure is being prescribed only with strict indications, so that unnecessary implications and risks are avoided.

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