With 30 defibrillations in ‘Heart and Brain’ a young man was brought from clinical death

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A 46-year-old man with symptoms of a myocardial infarction was admitted as an emergency to ‘Heart and Brain’ overnight and was seen by Dr. Halit Choban and Dr. Martin Koreykov. Already in the emergency room the patient fell into clinical death. A resuscitation team was immediately assembled.

“We immediately started full resuscitation measures, including over 30 defibrillations and cardiac massage for an hour and a half. We placed a temporary pacemaker,” said Dr. Nestor Petrov, a resuscitation physician. After stabilizing vital signs, the team of Dr. Kamelia Krasteva, an interventional cardiologist, performed an emergency coronarography with ventilator and placed two stents.

After one week of treatment in the intensive care unit and cardiology clinic, the patient was discharged with preserved heart pump function and no complaints.

Despite modern methods of diagnosing and treating ischaemic heart disease, the mortality rate from acute coronary syndrome remains high, mainly due to patients’ neglect of symptoms and late seeking medical help. Acute myocardial infarction can also affect patients at a young age, so prevention and timely medical care are particularly important.

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