Neurosurgeons from ‘Heart and Brain’ removed an egg-sized brain tumour from a German citizen

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The 75-year-old German citizen was discharged in good condition after a short stay at the high-tech hospital

A 75-year-old German national was admitted as an emergency to , Heart and Brain’ with the complaints of persistent headache, dizziness and difficulty walking. After consultation with a specialist, she was admitted to the neurosurgery clinic.

The patient underwent all the necessary investigations, and the result of a scan showed a brain tumour with a rare localisation and the appearance of benign (falx meningioma), measuring 7 cm. This type of tumors make up about 8% of the meningioma population. The patient was transferred to the operating room where a team of neurosurgeons with Dr. Plamen Simeonov as the lead operator performed a complete removal of the brain tumor under microscopic and neuronavigation control.

The operation went smoothly and the tumor was removed without any complications. The histological result confirmed that the tumor was benign of this type. After a short postoperative stay, the patient was discharged with improved general condition and hemodynamically stable and afebrile.

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