International and Bulgarian recognition for the cardio-oncology team of ‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven

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Third prize for clinical case presentation and the only Bulgarian participant at the European Congress of Preventive Cardiology in Malaga, Spain

The Center of Clinical Excellence in Pleven is one of the few in the country where both cardiology and oncology clinics operate simultaneously, and the only one that has actually been developing cardio-oncology for more than a year – a field of cardiology that has been experiencing a boom worldwide in recent years. The follow-up of oncological patients by a cardiologist before and in the course of antitumor therapy is of utmost importance for the success of their treatment, are categorical the cardio-oncologists of ‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven. They are convinced that good teamwork between cardiologists and oncologists leads to better therapeutic results and more successfully treated patients.

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