World famous Chinese vascular surgeon operates in ‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven

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The authoritative vascular surgery specialist from China prof. Chang Shu inspected the work of vascular surgeons of the high-tech ‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven. The visit is at the invitation of Dr. Todor Samardzhiev – head of the endovascular surgery team at the Vascular Surgery Clinic of the hospital. During his stay in Pleven prof. Shu performed two complex operations together with the vascular surgeons of ‘Heart and Brain’ Pleven.

The operated patients were admitted with abdominal aortic aneurysms, which is a life-threatening condition. During the interventions in both cases the team placed endovascular prostheses using the EVAR method. Dr. Todor Samardzhiev, Dr. Valentin Velikov, Dr. Georgi Voynov, Dr Iva Kostadinova and Dr. Kaloyan Matkov are took operated together with Prof. Shu, as well as the anesthesiologist in the operating room Dr. Lyudmil Velikov, and the anesthesiology nurse Nadka Kuleva.

Prof. Shu told the media:
“I am delighted with the high professionalism of my fellow vascular surgeons. The discipline, precision and accuracy of the work in this center of clinical excellence are highly impressive!”

Here you can find the full article in Bulgarian.

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