Vascular surgeons from ‘Heart and Brain’ Burgas saved a patient from permanent disability

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Dr. Runkov’s team performs complex hybrid surgery in a specially equipped operating room with high-tech equipment.

Surgeons from the Vascular Surgery Clinic at ‘Heart and Brain’ Burgas performed a life-saving operation on a patient condemned to permanent disability after potential amputation of a limb in another medical facility.

The patient was admitted to another healthcare facility with complaints of pain, numbness and coldness in his right leg. He was referred for emergency surgery due to an identified thrombus in the leg. After surgery, the patient’s complaints continued with blistering on the foot and blackening of the toes. The opinion of the specialists was that the foot should be amputated. The patient refused amputation and sought help from Dr. Rumen Runkov, head of the vascular surgery clinic at ,Heart and Brain’ Burgas.

After hospitalization, multiple imaging studies were performed. The specialists found complete blockage of the femoral, popliteal and popliteal arteries. A decision was made to operate urgently. Dr. Runkov and his team performed a complex hybrid surgical intervention in a specially equipped operating room with high-tech equipment. A bypass of part of the femoral artery was placed, followed by stenting and balloon dilatation of the popliteal arteries, which fully restored blood supply to the right leg. The patient recovered rapidly after surgery, reporting resolution of pain. He was discharged after a short postoperative stay without complaints.

Read the full story here in Bulgarian.

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