The team of ‘Heart and Brain’ Burgas performed the first in Bulgaria uniportal robotic-assisted lung resection

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The world leading thoracic surgeon, prof. Diego Gonzalez Rivas, is in our country at the invitation of the Bulgarian Cardiac Institute. He is a specialist with exceptional experience, having operated in over 120 countries. His expertize covers lung transplantation, treatment of lung cancer, airway and mediastinal tumors.

Profs. Rivas and the team of thoracic surgeons of the ‘Heart and Brain’ Center of Clinical Excellence in Burgas performed the first uniportal robotic-assisted lung resection in Bulgaria. This minimally invasive technique is extremely suitable for patients with lung cancer, especially those with hard-to-reach lung tumors. The Uniportal RATS technique was introduced into the world by prof. Rivas only two years ago and Bulgaria is one of the few countries where it has been successfully applied.

The patient who underwent this intervention recovered extremely quickly. Within 24 hours her lung function was fully restored, all drains were removed, she begqn to eat, she was up on her feet and about to be discharged.

This type of surgery is performed in the framework of a masterclass to train Bulgarian thoracic surgeons. More than 20 specialists from the country had the opportunity to observe live, in real time via teleconference, the actions of the Heart and Brain team, to ask questions, hear the comments and explanations of the operating team.

Prof. Rivas: “Heart and Brain can measure up to the best high-tech hospitals in the world. The operating rooms are well equipped, including a state-of-the-art da Vinci four-arm robotic surgery robot. The activities of the thoracic surgery clinic are organized at the highest level, in an optimal and most efficient way. The knowledge and skills demonstrated by the team are worthy of respect. The ambition of the doctors to learn new surgical techniques are inspiring and motivating for me as a mentor. This hospital is a wonderful investment in your country’s healthcare.”

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