Specialists from Heart and Brain Burgas performed a unique knee joint surgery

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The head of the orthopedics and traumatology department – Dr. Petyo Bratoev, and his team placed artificial knee joint implants, made on a completely individual model.

The high-tech Heart and Brain is the third hospital in the country to apply these modern and patient-friendly surgical interventions. The man sought help due to severe degenerative changes in his knee, after several previous surgical interventions due to sports injuries. The surgery was extremely successful within a shortened operating time, with the patient back on his feet and starting rehabilitation on the first post-operative day.

The specificity of this case is that the joint and the instruments for its placement were made specifically for the patient, and the implant follows as closely as possible the anatomical features of the operated joint based on a pre-made 3-D model.

The technique is extremely precise, with pre-operative 3-D planning and subsequent individual fabrication, which brings a number of advantages for patients. Compared to standard joint implants, the individual joint follows a pattern almost identical to the actual anatomical organ.

The intervention takes place in a much shorter operating time. The technical instrumentation is minimized, and this reduces the risk of intraoperative infection many times.

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