Over 300 women have been screened during the free breast cancer screening in Heart and Brain in Pleven

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A total of 305 women were screened, 16 of whom were referred for follow-up examinations for a definitive diagnosis, is the final tally of the traditional campaign for free breast cancer screening organized by Heart and Brain Hospital, Pleven in the World Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For four weeks, the team of the Oncological and General Surgery Clinic, headed by Prof. Tashko Deliiski, examined patients free of charge every day, after prior registration.

“Screening is the best way for early detection and successful treatment of breast cancer. Early diagnosis of breast carcinoma significantly reduces adverse effects. In order to improve access to specialized medical care and to help more women, we have developed a screening program,” said Dr. Maya Balabanova, a specialist in surgery. She stressed that the team of the General Surgery Clinic has modern equipment and all the possibilities for research.

Breast cancer is the most common oncological disease in women, with an incidence of 70 per 100 000 people in Europe. Unfortunately, Bulgaria is no exception to this statistic. Experts are adamant that regular preventive examinations are the most significant measure to reduce the adverse effects of this disease and that this diagnosis has long ceased to be a “sentence”. Doctors from the Oncological and General Surgery Clinic remind that they work closely with the Medical Oncology Clinic and the Radiotherapy Department to achieve optimal therapeutic results.

The Heart and Brain Hospital also has the only Gamma Knife in the country and the latest generation linear accelerator and offers patients a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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