Assoc. Prof. Chilingirova: The comprehensive approach is the key point in the treatment of patients with lung cancer

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“A key point in the treatment of patients with lung cancer is the complex approach – from the beginning of the diagnosis to the therapy and follow-up of the disease, in a specialized hospital facility that has all the specialists and the necessary high-tech equipment. This complexity and teamwork at ‘Heart and Brain’, Pleven guarantees our patients full follow-up of the therapeutic process and, consequently, better treatment results.”

This is what Assoc. Prof. Natalia Chilingirova – Head of the Medical Oncology Clinic at the high-tech ‘Heart and Brain’ Centre of Medical Excellence in the lung cancer awareness month. November, when we celebrate the month to fight one of the most common cancers aims to raise public awareness and highlight the importance of early diagnosis

“Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death from malignant  diseases in our country. According to Globocan (WHO Global Cancer Surveillance Organization) data for 2020, lung cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer (11.4% of all cases) and the leading cause of cancer death, and these trends are continuing. One of the main causes is late diagnosis. It is therefore extremely important to know the symptoms, avoid risk factors, have regular check-ups and, if necessary, timely consultations with a specialist,” says Assoc. Prof. Chilingirova. She adds that today, when we talk about lung cancer, we invariably associate it with innovation – not only in medicine, but in oncology in particular.

In the words of the medical oncology specialist, today cancer is also considered a disease of the genome and genetic tests are logically an integral part of routine diagnostics. They allow for more precise therapy and better results. ‘Heart and Brain’, Pleven has a modern equipped genetic laboratory, which guarantees more accurate diagnosis of patients with lung cancer and better therapeutic results. The highly specialized clinics and departments of imaging diagnostics, pulmonology, thoracic surgery, medical oncology and radiotherapy are also part of the comprehensive treatment approach.

“As the majority of patients with lung cancer are diagnosed at an advanced stage, the main therapeutic approach remains drug treatment,” comments Assoc. Chilingirova. She is adamant that the Medical Oncology Clinic applies all modern and innovative approaches to the treatment of patients with lung cancer, such as targeted therapies, combination regimens and chemotherapy based on the individual characteristics of each patient’s tumor, and accordingly, patients have immediate access to these therapies and excellent therapeutic outcomes.

“Discoveries in the field of lung cancer have spurred studies that have directed treatment toward an individualized approach. In the fight against this socially important disease, the challenges for the next decade are focused on screening, improving the effectiveness of diagnosis and therapy, and thus patient survival through the means of precision medicine,” say the Heart and Brain specialists in conclusion.

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