Veliko Tarnovo Cardiology hospital : “CHILDREN SAVE LIVES”

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The initiative was launched in connection with the World Heart Restart Day, which is now traditionally celebrated worldwide on 16.10.2022. The main objective is to raise awareness among the public and our children about cardiac arrest and promote cardiac massage and artificial ventilation (CPR) skills. Seven out of ten cardiac arrests happen in public places in full view of the public, but less than 20% of witnesses provide first aid. Hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved each year if two hands help in the first minutes of an incident.

The meeting was with sixth grade children from Bacho Kiro Primary School in the city with the outstanding assistance of the school principal Mr. Nikolov. The young cardiologists Dr. Ivanov and Dr. Nedyalkova, with the ideas and support of Dr. Krastev, an invasive cardiologist, had prepared a multimedia presentation and a visual demonstration. Dozens of children practiced what they saw, enthusiasm shining in their eyes. The specially prepared dialogue unlocked many questions and enriched the children’s knowledge. All participants received badges, which mark initial training in first aid, and special children were awarded with T-shirts with the logo of the Cardiology hospital.

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