Master class for thoracic surgeons was held at Heart and Brain Center of Excellence in Burgas

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The course was accredited by the Bulgarian Medical Association and all participants received the maximum 13 points.

One of the most famous and recognized modern breast surgeons in the world – prof. Tomáš Štupnik, held a master class for his colleagues at the high-tech Heart and Brain Hospital Burgas. The distinguished specialist performs the most complex operations in thoracic surgery, including lung transplants, lung segmentectomies, carina and trachea surgery. He is one of the pioneers of single portal VATS surgery (video-assisted thoracic surgery).

In May this year, Dr. Dimo Mitev and Dr. Ivoslav Ivanov – part of the team of the Department of Thoracic Surgery – participated in the first stage of specialization in uniportal VATS anatomical lung resections under Prof. They were also participants in the first stage of the study in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The head of the department, Assoc. Prof. Rumen Filipov, invited the leading professor to carry out the second part of the international training in the high-tech hospital in Burgas.

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