The first robot-assisted surgery in Burgas was performed in the department of thoracic surgery of “Heart and Brain”

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The first robot-assisted surgery with the daVinci X system with four arms in the Burgas region took place in the high-tech hospital “Heart and Brain”. The head of the department of thoracic surgery – Assoc. Prof. Rumen Filipov, performed an upper right lung lobectomy, with lymph node dissection, on a 54-year-old female patient. The proctor was Assoc. Prof. Minchev, surgeon in the sterile field – Dr. Dimo Mitev, and anesthesiologist – Dr. Kaloyan Djunov.

The patient was diagnosed with lung cancer at a previous admission to the Heart and Brain Thoracic Surgery Unit. After clarification of the diagnosis, it turned out that a very large and complex operation was required. When such patients are operated on with a robot, the precision of the surgery is increased and recovery is extremely fast. The team chooses to apply the best method for the case and the surgery proceeds as planned. The patient feels well.

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