The Cardiac and Onco specialist at the Heart and Brain Center of Clinical Excellence in Pleven together in the fight against cancer

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The Cardiac and Onco Team at the Heart and Brain Center of Clinical Excellence in Pleven, tested specific laboratory indicators for timely detection of cardiotoxicity. Modern and patient-friendly imaging tests such as echocardiography for the assessment of left ventricular pump function, stress echocardiography as well as determination of global longitudinal strain are applied. Through these examinations, cardiac damage from the administered chemotherapy can be captured even before the first clinical symptoms appear.

The hospital in Pleven is adamant that it is the regular follow-up during the course of drug and radiotherapy treatment and the inclusion of cardioprotective therapy (drugs that protect the heart) and/or reassessment of planned anti-tumour therapy that lead to better outcomes, increased survival and better quality of life among this group of patients. Good medical practice shows that teamwork between cardiologists and oncologists leads to better therapeutic outcomes and more successfully treated patients.

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