Prof. Iana Simova on the BNR: 80% of people have complaints months after getting sick from Covid-19

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“Shortening quarantine periods is right”. This is what Prof. Iana Simova told BNR. “We should take into account the fact that the waiting period for CDV-19 has been stopped.

She cited data showing that Omicron produces less lung damage than the Delta variant, and patients in hospital less often need oxygen therapy or intubation. And he stressed that global experts are cautious in saying that illness from this variant of the coronavirus is milder.

“It is likely that the course of Omicron in our country will be different than in other countries because of Bulgarians suffering from more than one disease and because of low vaccination rates. I came across a news report on CNN that in the next 6 to 8 weeks over 50% of the European population will fall ill with this variant of the coronavirus. That sounds alarming.”

In the programme “Something more”, Prof. Simova called for vaccination as a prevention against getting seriously ill from Covid-19.

“Vaccines protect even from Omicron. With the mutations of the virus, the effectiveness of the neutralizing antibodies has become slightly lower. That doesn’t mean the vaccines have no effect, they still protect us. Vaccinated, and getting infected, will get the disease off easier.”

She said children over the age of 5 should get the vaccine so they can continue to live normally socially and in a school environment.

Prof. Iana Simova is part of the national free programme “Life after Covid”. In a little over a year since the program began, 3,072 patients have sought help.

You can find the full-lenght interview here in Bulgarian.

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